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Volunteers are integral to our operation! With volunteer support we were able to provide 728 household with essential items in 2022 and we hope to serve even more in 2023. To reach that goal we are inviting volunteers to join our team. We have something for everyone whether it be in our warehouse moving and cleaning furniture, sorting, making sets, shopping for families or helping in our office. Check out our volunteer positions below and fill out an application if you are interested! 

Volunteer Positions

Warehouse Assistant + Repairs: Assist warehouse staff to accept donations, load and unload vehicles, stanchion shopped furniture, make minor repairs to furniture, clean, and other warehouse tasks

Furniture Cleaner: Clean furniture using a shop vac, carpet cleaner, rags and wipes

Sorter: Sort housewares that have been donated and group items to be easily restocked and stored

Shelf Stocker + Packer: Help restock our shelves with sorted items and maintain a neat shopping area

Shopper: Shop, tag , pack and stanchion the requested items for clients who have been referred to us by our partner agencies

Family Shopper: Assist and guide Restoring Dignity clients through the space for their shopping appointment

Office Support: Assist office staff in processing forms, answering questions and maintaining supplies needed for our operation


VOLUNTEER Guidelines

Our minimum age for volunteering is 16.

We ask that you plan on volunteering several times over the course of 6 months for positions other than furniture cleaner. If you sign up as a furniture cleaner you do not need to attend an orientation and may volunteer as many times as you would like without a commitment.

After you submit a volunteer application we will reach out to coordinate an orientation time within a month.

Group Engagement Opportunities

Coordinate a Donation Drive


Group Volunteering – coordinate a time for your team to volunteer in our warehouse!


Contact with any questions about becoming a consistent volunteer or coordinating a group engagement opportunity.