Greetings from The Furniture Project’s new executive director, Kaela Volkmer

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Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I begin my first day of work as the Executive Director at the Furniture ProjectOmaha. It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity alongside Drew Gerken, founder and Board President, and his family. Their concrete and consistent actions of spreading compassion, care, and connection are inspiring for me and so many in our community. They are among Omaha’s hometown heroes.

In addition, I am grateful to our hardworking, enthusiastic, and missiondriven Board of Directors, who have poured their energy and time into visioning our next step as an organization. I am also indebted to our donors and volunteers who daily model overflowing generosity and care. They remind me that we are all interconnected, that each of us has a role to play in building a better future for all residents of our city,
and that we can act with special concern for our brothers and sisters who are facing challenges in their lives.

I am deeply grateful to our partners at Restoring Dignity who have worked shouldertoshoulder with The Furniture Project for years in ensuring that our newest neighbors have access not only to the furniture and home furnishings that they need, but also that they are afforded the respect, dignity and welcome they deserve. Together with Restoring Dignity, we look forward to launching Omaha’s first Furniture Bank and
to a bright future for the project. We know that the Furniture Bank of Omaha is a critical piece of infrastructure worth building that will support dozens of partner agencies throughout the metro area dedicated to supporting our neighbors.

This new initiative would also not be possible without the profound generosity of the vibrant philanthropic community we are so fortunate to have in Omaha. I am thankful for the support we have received and look forward to sharing our story and vision for the future with others who wish to join us in this unique mission.

Finally, we are indebted to the families we strive to serve each day. These are our neighbors, who, despite the struggles that they are facing, inspire us with their strength, their vulnerability, and their willingness to trust us with knowledge of their needs. Our message to every individual and family we serve is simple: You matter. You are welcome here. You are loved. You belong.

I am both delighted and humbled to begin my new position at the Furniture Project and to walk with the Omaha community as we look forward to a future of growth and promise. Thank you for accompanying and supporting us on this exciting journey.
In Gratitude,


Kaela Volkmer, MSW, CSW
Executive Director
The Furniture ProjectOmaha

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